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 Ladies & Gentleman we have great pleasure in announcing that we now have our very own Christmas cards on sale. With the help of a friendly design team & our ever present printers we have come up with a beautiful scenic card which would grace any shelf. With the inestimable help of our friends we have managed to keep the costs to a minimum and therefore a pack of 10 cards, with envelopes, will cost only £5.99 – and that includes the postage to where ever you may be…..not bad eh!

     You will notice that that we have used two colours for the writing on the front of the cards, red (pictured) & green, so you have big decisions when you send them out yourselves . Our main action is centered around the AWARENESS factor and getting this charity into people’s minds for there are so many people that are totally unaware of what we go through – unbelievable really!

     To order your cards all you need to do is to email Phil: admin@2020voicecancer.org for more info or simply send in a letter request with your payment (cheques made out to 2020VoiceCancer) and your cards will be posted out by return. Don’t forget to ensure that you include your OWN address too-surprising how many people forget that bit!

A very happy Christmas to you all

All monies donated to this charity go directly toward helping those in need, no one takes a wage!


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