cup of tea

Tea/Coffee & Cakes 20th April

coffee & cakeNow then folks, to get the year under way AND possibly win a £25 shopping voucher, who fancies holding a Tea/Coffee & Cakes morning on Saturday, 20th April to raise funds for this charity. We’ve got 2 volunteers at the moment so who would like to join them?

Remember that we will provide all the paperwork you need to advertise the event and run it successfully so all you need to do is to find yourself a helper for the mornin g and get that kettle on. You can invite friends, neighbours, family, workmates, whomever you like so simply email the office and we will send you everything you need to have a good old social and spread the awareness around a little bit further – and don’t forget folks, there’s a £25 shopping voucher to the highest fundraiser!


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