Nottingham 5K Fun Run

Welcome to our entry into the Nottingham ‘BIG Fun Run’ due to take place on Sunday, July 22nd at the beautiful Colwick Country Park.

Big Fun Run

     This is a special event for us as we have been joined by our major midlands suppliers, Countrywide Supplies, who supply medical needs to over 7,000 people nationwide, have fully endorsed the event with 15, yes fifteen, participants on the day. Each one has been given a “20-20 Voice” Cancer T-shirt & wristband so as to advertise the charity and the AWARENESS factor on the day and whenever they feel like basically! Each entrant also has a sponsorship sheet to gain as much sponsorship from friends, family, workmates etc – and the top fundraiser will receive a £25 shopping voucher as their prize. Now I know that competition for the Shopping Voucher is going to be keen because…..

You can enter here the sooner the better as the prices go up the nearer we get!

     Say hi to Gary W & family who live near Lincoln. Gary is a recent laryngectomee who has also taken on the role as our Lincoln’shire Representative with the view of expanding the AWARENESS factor throughout the county. Gary was a bus driver before the dreaded  ‘Mr C’ came to visit and has not long been home after extensive surgery but he is not one for sitting back festering and ruminating on on matters previous. When we offered Gary the opportunity to become our area rep he jumped at the chance and, in only one month, has made significant inroads creating AWARENESS in Lincoln. Now obviously Gary won’t be running round this beautiful 5K course but he is adamant that he will be walking every single meter!

     We have another suspect in the offing as Caroline P and her two boys are threatening to join in as well and if any of you out there want to have a liesurely stroll round with their partners/friends/acquaintances etc then simply let me know on: and we will soon get you organised!

     It’s a fun run, it’s a great fundraising event and it should be a nice sunny day so why not join in the fun and raise some funds to help us save voices & lives!

 Don’t forget folks “you gotta be innit to winnit!”


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