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Inflatables FunRun

Next years Inflatables (2022)


We are awaiting a date for 2022


At long last folks we are getting things moving on the fundraising stakes as we now have and area representative in Manchester – and we now have all the details for the Manchester Inflatable FunRun which is to be held at:

Inflatable map


Date: Saturday ???

Location: ???

 Start time: tba

 Age:  10-16yrs accompanied by an adult


all the info is online here :

     Now this isn’t a race by any means, it is a fundraiser, so what we need is some willing souls who fancy an hours exercise to walk/trot, skip, crawl round this most ingenious course and raise some vital funds for the 20-20 Voice Cancer charity. The simple way to do this is as follows:

     Contact our Manchester representative: Tamara-Lea O’Brien and let her know that you want to join the Manchester FunRun.  Tamara  will need you to fill in a Registration Form (which we hold) so that she can pass the details to our Head Office, who will then send you your free “20-20 Voice” Cancer T-shirt & wristband for the event (but please feel free to wear them anytime you like as they advertise this charity quite nicely!)

     We will also furnish you with a “Sponsorship Form” with the idea being that you get as many people (friends, family, work colleagues etc) to sponsor you on the 4th September – the entrant with the highest total sponsorship will win a £25 Shopping Voucher from “20-20 Voice”

     We will be opening a new donation page as well for any people who wish to donate individually (not through any particular entrant) and on that page will be a ‘Gift Aid’ button which, when clicked, will gain this charity a valuable 25% bonus on top of whatever the donation is/was: ie £10 = £12.50: £25 = £31.25 etc.

     Remember, this is NOT a race, merely a nice easy fundraising exercise to raise funds for those who have suffered terribly at the ‘hands of cancer’. Think about this:

What would YOU do without a voice?

     How would YOU cope on a daily basis?

          How soon would YOU want to be able to speak again?

All monies donated to this charity go directly toward helping those in need, no one takes a wage!




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