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Leicester 1/2 Marathon – Oct 15th 2017

It’s that time again folks! The runners are out and ready to go and this October we are looking to have runners in the Leicester 1/2 marathon, which starts & finishes at Victoria Park. If anyone is interested in runing, jogging, walking to raise vital funds for us then please get in touch the normal way: and I will furnish you with all  the details. Needless to say we have “20-20 Voice” Cancer ‘T-shirts’ for our runners and also our promotional wristbands.

More to come! Remember, when you sign up we need to know your T-shirt size!

Date : 15 October (2017)
Start Time : 9.15
Number of Places : 5,000 

Leicester Half Marathon Route
Runners follow a flat/undulating anti-clockwise loop starting and finishing in Victoria Park. Note, the Pack Collection, Registration, Media Hub is next to mile 1, north of the start line.

Leicester Half Marathon Entry
* Unaffiliated Runners : £30 (until 30 Jun), £35 (until 9 Oct), £52 (until 13 Oct)
* Affiliated Runners : £28 (until 30 Jun), £33 (until 9 Oct), £50 (until 13 Oct)
* Registration Deadline : 13 October

More info to come folks!

Now then folks, this is OUR offer to you good people!

This year we want to manage a team of 10-15-20 runners/joggers/walkers/whatever to complete a single lap of the course – as laid out by the organisers. Now you will see that if I can get 10-15-20 people committed to run/walk/jog/whatever before the 30th June I can make a block booking and also get the entry fees @ £30 –> you’ll see that the longer people leave it the more expensive it gets and I think that £30 is plenty enough for anyone to pay. This ‘entrance fee’ goes directly to the organisers of the event. However, what we do is slightly different to other charities! (Read on my little angels & cherubs!)

If I get ten names, or even fifteen, before the end of June I will make a block booking and pay the organisers with a charity cheque so that we have those 10-15-maybe even 20 runners on the day, each runner can send this charity their individual entry payment when they can spare the cash – don’t worry, there is a nice bonus ball coming  (remember that there are only 5,000 spaces allowed so we want to be in there ladies & gents!)

I will provide each runner with one of our “20-20 Voice” T-shirts (providing I have enough in the right size etc & also two of our pretty baby bluewristbands which advertise the charity quite nicely. I will also give each of the runners a couple of our “1/2 Marathon Sponsorship” sheets which you then fill in with willing donors names and whatever monies they feel happy donating!

Anyone who raises MORE than £350 on their sponsorship sheets/forms will have their race deposit (£30) refunded to them-the challenge is on folks!

Now this gives you a triple incentive as:

a) you can run for nothing; ie no cost (or you can choose to donate your ‘money back’)
b) it gives you a realistic sponsorship target to aim at

c) you are helping a smaller, local charity to get much recognition    And there you have it ladies & gents, it couldn’t be any simpler than that so get your thinking caps on, get some willing souls to join in and let’s see just how much we can raise on the day. By the way, I did forget one thing: after the event is done we will all nip over to the Old Horse on London Rd for a pint – or whatever you find refreshing – find me another charity that would offer ‘money back’ & that sort of service! Best wishes

Phil J


Hannah D

Jenny S

Emma O

Emily P

Rebecca A

There’s room for plenty more yet folks!

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