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At long last folks we are getting things moving on the fundraising stakes as we now have and area representative in Glasgow (Liz Feel/Stander) – and we now have all the details for the Glasgow FunRun which is to be held at:


                                                                                      Date: Saturday 27th July

                                                                                            Location: Bellahouston Par

                                                                                                  Start time: 11am

                                                                                                        Age: all ages welcome

                                                                                                                     Under 5s go FREE!

     Now this isn’t a race by any means, it is a fundraiser, so what we need is some willing souls who fancy an hours exercise to walk round this most congenial course and raise some vital funds for this throat cancer charity. The simple way to do this is as follows:

     Contact our Glasgow representative: Liz Feely/Stander and let her know that you have joined the Glasgow BFR (here). Liz will need you to fill in a Registration Form (which Liz holds) so that she can pass the details to our Head Office, who will then send you your free “20-20 Voice” Cancer T-shirt & wristband for the event (but please feel free to wear them anytime you like as they advertise this charity quite nicely!

     Liz will also furnish you with a “Sponsorship Form” with the idea being that you get as many people (friends, family, work colleagues etc) to sponsor you on the 27th July – the entrant with the highest total sponsorship will win a £25 Shopping Voucher from “20-20 Voice”

     We will be opening a VirginMoneyGiving donation page as well for any people who wish to donate individually (not through any particular entrant) and on that page will be a ‘Gift Aid’ button which, when clicked, will gain this charity a valuable 25% bonus on top of whatever the donation is/was: ie £10 = £12.50: £25 = £31.25 etc.

     Remember, this is NOT a race, merely a nice easy fundraising exercise to raise funds for those who have suffered terribly at the ‘hands of cancer’. Think about this:

What would YOU do without a voice?

How would YOU cope on a daily basis?

How soon would YOU want to be able to speak again?

All monies donated to this charity go directly toward helping those in need, no one takes a wage!



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