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Chef & Spice Night: Tues 26th Sept

“All you can Eat” night

Chef & Spice 2

For those that are interested in helping raise vital funds with which we can help  all those stricken by oral/throat cancer we are holding our very successful “All you can Eat” night at the fabulous Chef & Spice restaurant again on Tuesday 26th September

45 booked in thus far!

     This is one of our most popular fundraisers simply because YOU can choose whatever YOU want to eat from the vast array of foods on offer, on the night.

The place to be on the 26th
The place to be on the 26th

          All you need to do is to spread the word about that we are holding another ‘all you can eat evening‘ to raise funds. Invite family & friends and whoever else you think might be interested. We have posters if you would like to help us advertise the night in the most noticeable of places: local shops, pubs, clubs etc

      The cost is only £15 per person but (60%) £9 per person is returned to the charity: a wonderful gesture by our host/restauranteur Syed Rahman. It is a fantastic charity night where we have spot prizes & a superb raffle (prizes to be advertised later) – and don’t forget that every penny we make goes directly to the charity.

     We are the only head & neck cancer charity that buys the diagnostic equipment so as to get to any possible cancers as soon as is humanly possible – prevention is 10 x’s better than a cure!

Our happy diners
Our happy diners

     Our patron & host for the evening, Mr Willie Thorne, will be joining us and taking us through the evening with his usual glittering array of stories and jokes and will also be drawing the raffle later on. This year Willie has decided that we NEED to fill the Chef & Spice, so get to it folks and book your places now!

     Don’t keep it to yourselves folks, let me know if you want to join us on the night and we will add your name  to our burgeoning list of attendees – and don’t forget, we can fit 150 happy diners in at the Chef & Spice restaurant on Hinckley Road!

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