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Fragranced Candles

 Ladies & Gentleman we have great pleasure in announcing that we now have our own range of gloriously scented candles for your pleasure.

The creaters of these candles have been inspired by the delicate aromas of:

Mark Jacobs “DAISY

…D’ors “Sauvage & “Poison

……Hugo Boss’s “Orange

  Each tin can last up to 48hrs and no matter which fragrance you choose your candle will have your room/s smelling beautifully within a short space of time.

We have negotiated with the makers of these beautiful aromatic creations and we are now able to pass them on to you good people for a most reasonable price of £12.50, which includes p&p to your door.

Try them, you won’t regret it I assure you!

A year 2020 to you all

All monies donated to this charity go directly toward helping those in need, no one takes a wage!


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