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“FVR” – Appeal: £15,000 needed!

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“20-20 Voice” Cancer are proud to announce that we are working alongside Macmillan Cancer on a project that will bring oral/throat cancer diagnostics forward by 15 months. To do this we need to raise £15,000 for a ‘Flexi – Video – Rhinolarygoscope’ which is able to search out all those nooks & crannies invisible to the naked eye. This vital piece of equipment will save voices, lives, hospital-stay times, nursing hours & (most importantly) considerable patient stress! With oral/throat cancers rocketing by 600% in the past decade it is vital that we can locate any hidden cancers as quickly as possible and we thank you for your help in this quest. We are hopin g that we can now continue a nationwide provision of this item after we have 'secured' the East Midlands triangle of Leicester, Nottingham & Derby... (more to follow)

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