Awareness & Early Diagnosis

 Welcome to the much ignored world of Throat Cancers

     As our supporters will know, we started off with a bit of a bang by buying the latest ‘Flexi-Video-Rhinolaryngoscope’ for our ENT dept at Rhinothe Leicester Royal Infirmary. This was deemed a necessity by my consultant as the ‘FVR’ is the magic machine that gives consultants the opportunity to see the larynx & surrounding tissue for any anomalies. At nearly £15,000 it was a major investment but I cannot tell you how much improvement the ‘FVR’ has created in that department, nor just how much quicker the  sequence of events kick into gear. If  a patient is given the all clear (thanks to the full colour detail the ‘FVR’ provides) then it is ‘home James‘ and happiness prevails. If, on the other hand, any small anomalies do appear on-screen then instant action can be taken. It cuts out all the faffing about with Dr’s trying to decide if your earache is/was earache or some other minor ailment. It saves small exploratory surgery which can lead to anything at all (I can assure you of that!). It means EARLY DIAGNOSIS – and that is the key to success folks.

     Move on six years and we have struck again, but this time on behalf of the Leicester Glenfield Hospital who urgently needed a TUM’s TUM(Thoracic Ultrasound Machine) created by a branch of ‘Fuji-Film, which acts like a hand held body scanner used on pregnant ladies etc. Our consultant, Mr Rakesh Panchal, was bemoaning the fact that a TUM’s was needed as it can detect possible cancers as well as other things deep down in our bodies. Happily I can assure all readers that this new, magical bit of kit can also espy throat cancers, possible thyroid cancer & possible esophageal cancers – all three of which are virtually impossible to detect from the outside! Once hearing about this situation it took only 2 weeks for this charity to  swing into action and present the required funding (£17,256.00) to the Leicester Hospitals Charity who oversee all major purchases.

     For a small but growing charity we have now spent in excess of £50,000 on vital equipment for our hospitals AND our laryngectomee’s leaving hospital for the first time to start their new life at home – starting that new life is not an easy task I assure you. We ensure that they have the two items all lary’s need to keep a daily check on themselves.

     We are now in a position where we have the funds available to kick-start our AWARENESS & EARLY DIAGNOSIS campaign and to do that we have two teams carrying our good name in two Inflatable FunRun events. Our first is in Manchester on the 4th September, we have 25 happy people taking part, & our second Inflatable FunRun is in Nottingham on the 11th September 2021 where we have 15-22 runners & 16+ supporters going over with them. I have no idea, yet, how much will be raised but the important thing is that 55+ people are taking part in our fundraising events and, to my mind, that number can only increase year on year as our charity grows & grows. And that is what we strive to do, increase our following year on year. To that end we now have a ‘Media Officer’, a delightful lady that I have known for over a decade who was a University Lecturer on all matters media. She has been published several times and holds a vast store of knowledge. Now retired she travels around enjoying the British countryside and has always taken a keen interest in this charity for she can see that we are headed in the right direction of  AWARENESS & EARLY DIAGNOSIS and not just holding out the begging bowl for more & more fairly fruitless research. I say ‘fruitless’ because since industrialisation took a hold cancer cases have increased to a ridiculous situation where it is now forecast that 1 in very 2 people will suffer from some form of cancer! How ridiculous & terrifying is that I ask?

    AWARENESS & EARLY DIAGNOSIS means just that! People need to be more aware of Head & Neck cancers, Dr’s need to be more aware of Throat cancers because they simply cannot be seen without the specialist equipment we are providing. A recent Street Survey showed that an unbelievable 87% of the general public had no idea that cancers enjoyed themselves ABOVE the shoulder line!

     This clearly demonstrates the hold on the public that the Big4 Cancer Charities have on cancer in general, but considering that we rank jt-5th in the ‘Cancer Table‘ I think it’s about time we started to join these leviathan’s of fundraising, and why should we not be I ask?

     Of course, none of what we do would be possible without the wonderful support we already have out there and we thank all you goodly people who support us – long may that support grow & grow. We can arrange many fundraising events if we have the requests to do do so, so think on folks, is there anything you think you could do to raise funds for 20-20 Voice Don’t forget folks, we will provide you with as much promotional paperwork as we can for each & every event.

Just a few of the Inflatable obstacles that our FunRunners will be tackling!


Fun Run 2






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